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For many years we as a kennel have left it to the discretion of our clients as to whether or not to have their dogs protected against Kennel Cough by the use of a nasal vaccine administered by a vet. Our reasoning was twofold - the fact that the vaccine does not give total protection against the condition, and the fact that for at least 4 days after vaccination the treated dog can actually be infectious - and this latter fact in particular has caused us problems in the past.

However, we have recently taiked to three veterinary surgeons who assure us that, with the modern vaccine, as long as the vaccine has been administered 10 days before the dog comes into the kennels the chance of it spreading the disease is miniscule.

In the interests of your pets wellbeing we have therefore decided to now insist that every dog that is boarded with us is fully vaccinated against kennel cough and that that vaccine has been administered at least 10 prior to the dog coming to us.

We would like to stress that the vaccine will not actually give total protection against Kennel Cough but will ameliorate the condition if the dog catches it.

Kennel Cough as such is a most insidious of viruses. It is an inflammation of the dog's throat which becomes infected and brings about a rasping cough and in some cases a discharge of mucus. It is transmittable by contact with other dogs, on the owners' clothing and on the wind. Informed sources suggest that a dog can carry the virus for up to four days before starting to cough; once it does so we are informed that it remains infectious for two more days. Kennel Cough is not life threatening in itself for healthy dogs, but can be problematic for young and very old dogs or dogs with an existing throat/chest condition.

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